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Artist Statement

From the "Stele" series, through "Selfies", to these "Dirt" paintings, I have shown my reactions to nature, time, and identity. The latest series, "Dirt," emerged from the recent move of my studio from urban Harlem to the more natural surroundings of the Hudson Valley.

In "Dirt," I recall playing in the black dirt of my northern Indiana childhood where
I first created mud pies. The series combines early memory with contemporary creative experience.

Whereas the colors of "Stele" are subtle and at time severe, in "Dirt" they are alive and active. In "Selfies", I explore the psychologically unintegrated aspects of child and adult selves, often ironically and with whimsy

In "Dirt," I complete an artistic journey via intense, vibrant color fields and dirt. I have learned to turn the dirt of life into something creative and playful.

Artist Statement