My artistic journey has taken me through the halls of Indiana University, where I honed my skills and earned my BFA, to Washington, D.C., where my art found a place in local galleries. Later, I sought inspiration in the energy of New York City, dedicating four years to studying painting at the renowned Art Students League.

Embracing change, my studio thrived in New York for years, infusing my work with a unique urban essence. Now, located in the Hudson Valley, each day brings new inspiration from nature's ever-changing wonders, enriching my creative spirit.

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As a testament to the growth of my art, I also incorporate manmade materials, such as masks used during the 2020 pandemic, into my textured abstract paintings. These elements contribute to my response to a challenging time.

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Join me on this artistic odyssey where colors dance, textures speak, and the essence of nature fuses with my imagination. Through my work, I express a profound appreciation for the world around us and the connection we share with nature's ever-unfolding canvas.

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artHARLEM  Annual Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, NY, NY

Kuhlhaus Gallery, “Four Artists,” Harbor Springs , MI

Kuhlhaus Gallery, “6 Emerging Painters,” Harbor Springs, MI

AAWAA Gallery, “Under Current, An Exhibition of Abstract Paintings,”    Brooklyn, NY

North Woods Yoga Gallery, "Evoking Color," Petoskey, MI

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Foxley Leach Gallery, Wash DC

Danette Koke Fine Art, New York, NY

Waddington/Tribby Fine Art, Boca Raton, FL